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Has this Pandemic Year Been Tough on Your Marriage?

It's been tough for a lot of couples. Yet, a deeper relationship with Christ remains the singular, best hope for finding balance and peace in the reality of your marriage. 

I have been walking alongside Christian marriage’s like yours for more than 15 years - both before and now during the pandemic. What I notice is that for many couples the pandemic hasn’t created new marriage challenges, instead it has revealed problems that have been hiding behind our work schedules and daily routines for quite sometime. 

Watch 'Pandemic Marriage' Video Series




Watch Video Series

“Anything you want in your marriage, you must first seek in heaven…” 

In this free video series I will share easy to implement solutions for your marriage in what have always been the Big Three of marriage: Communication, Intimacy and Money.

Communication: If praying together as a couple has been difficult, learn to build a Prayer Menu for your marriage. Building a better prayer life, as a couple, leads to better marital communication. You will also learn of 3 specific types of destructive communication patterns and more importantly, through biblical principles learn how to address them in your own marriage. 

Intimacy: Is your relationship dis-connected? Points of disconnection in our marriage reflect how and where our marriage is not connected to God. From Genesis 2:24, learn how to leave “external pressures” and then allow God to join your marriage in His strength. I will also share how to connect with each other through 3 specifically Christ centered focal points. 

Money: Financial pressures create emotional strain on a marriage like nothing else. So I will share biblical insights on how to move money fights to healthy points of connection for your marriage. In addition, you will create a Financial Ten Commandments that will help identify key areas triggering financial unrest in your marrige. 

I pray that as these videos point your marriage back to a deeper relationship with Christ,  they will begin to bring balance and peace back to your marriage relationship.




About Edward


I have been walking with Christian couples for more than a decade, from the unique perspective that, “You can build a deeper relationship with each other through a deeper relationship with Christ”. This has been achieved primarily by consistently pointing to the more than 60 marriages in the Bible and the principles they share. 

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'The Pandemic Marriage'

Your marriage has experienced significant challenges in recent months. This Free eBook will provide easy to implement solutions for your Pandemic Marriage.

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Kyle and Julie Burton

6 months married 

My wife and I did not anticipate needing much help. Edward was integral in identifying tenants of a healthy and God-fearing marriage, all while addressing our relationship-specific needs. We not only benefited from sessions emphasizing tools necessary to listen, understand & communicate effectively but we could resort to his biblically focused text outside of sessions. His book 'Husbands, Wives, God - Weekly Devotions' provided guidance on our day-to-day walk as partners through all of life’s obstacles.

Ben and Shardae Thomas

3 years married

Through Edward's coaching, we were able to have the tough conversations that allowed us to establish a strong foundation- financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically which is allowing our marriage to continuously grow! The marriage goals, Financial 10 Commandments, and mission statement put in place during the counselling is a fantastic tool we use to keep us pushing forward. We recommend any couple that is engaged, married or even thinking of marriage to seek Edward's outstanding services! 

Jonathan and Katrina Coleman

7 years married 

Pastor Edward Lee has the heart of a true servant. He has continued to counsel us through The Word and always pointed us back to God. He has never made us feel like we were being judged and keeps his door open to us. He has become a true friend, who we hold dear to our hearts, and appreciate his wise counsel!

I appreciated working with all of you and it is amazing what God has done in and through your Marriages over the years. -Edward.

Watch 'Pandemic Marriage' Video Series




Watch Video Series