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'Elevate Your Marriage' Resources point your relationship towards a better relationship with Christ

Our Books and Courses help develop; Christ-Centred Goals, Vision and Mission Statements, Reigniting of Passion, Reaching Effective Communication, Rebuilding of Trust and Regaining Financial Stability.

Real Talk Communication Course

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In many Marriages, Communication is either the problem or the bridge back from the real problem.

Whatever area of your relationship is challenged, effective communication is the solution.

In the course, we will identify three specific trouble spots, that are barriers to building effective communication with your spouse. These are:

  • Tennis Talk.
  • Couching.
  • Grey Areas.

Through the videos, digital downloads and engaging interactive homework on this course, you and your spouse will work side by side to build stronger and more effective communication patterns for your marriage.

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They will guide you on your marriage journey and each will take you on a different marriage journey.

Angrily Ever After: When the Fairytale Ends and Marriage Gets Real

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Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples

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Husbands, Wives, God Weekly Devotions: 52 Weeks of Enriching Devotions

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Husbands, Wives, God: Introducing the Marriages of the Bible to Your Marriage

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"Angrily Ever After: When the Fairytale Ends and Marriage Gets Real"

James 1:20 for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.Have things in your marriage shifted since you said, “I do”? Marriage now, may not be what you expected, then. Communication has slowed, debt has risen, personality quirks have appeared, trust has been strained and anger has entered, to some degree. In Angrily Ever After: When the Fairytale Ends and Marriage Gets Real, Edward taps into truths about anger found in both biblical and modern marriages to explore the power and promise of God available to your marriage, now:- Learn of the more than 45 anger “cousins” that may be attacking your marriage- Understand the spiritual impact of anger- Develop a deeper relationship with God to transform the negative emotions of anger into a positive relationship with your spouse- Gain a Christ-Centered Anger Management framework- Learn to be angry without hindering your relationship with God- Redefine how you will love each other going forward.


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"Elevate Your Marriage: 7 Practices of Highly Intimate Couples" 












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A Better Relationship with your spouse, starts with a Better Relationship with ChristAre you and your spouse "connected" the way you both want to be? Is your marriage all that God designed it to be? Is your marriage in need of being reconnected in areas that matter to you? If you are not satisfied with the answers to those questions, then this book is for you. Through personal reflection and the wisdom of marriages captured in the Bible, Elevate Your Marriage, will help husbands and wives remove what keeps their marriage separated and enables them to join together intimately — spiritually and completely. What if your financial stresses became financial intimacy? What if how you communicated in your marriage became an entrance to deep emotional connection? What if your marriage’s sexual relationship was a consistent place of knowing and experiencing each other without reservation?What if you connected to the vision, mission and goals of God, for your marriage?What if your marriage moved from the 98% that doesn’t pray, to intimate time together with God in ways that worked for your specific relationship. Where your marriage is connected to God is where your marriage connects to each other the best. But, where a marriage lacks spiritual intimacy any idea of “other” intimacy from sexual to financial to emotional, will only be a downward spiral of learned behaviors and a program of activities or to-do items. In this book, Edward will share 7 practical, easy to implement practices that will elevate your relationship with Christ as they, Elevate Your Marriage.

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"Husbands, Wives, God Weekly Devotions: 52 Weeks of Enriching Devotions"

The follow up to the Book and accompanying Small Group Study Guide Husbands, Wives, God: Introducing the Marriages of the Bible to Your Marriage. This new 52 Week Devotional now provides over 40 marriages of the Bible for couples to share, learn and grow their relationship from.

Each week your marriage will be enriched by married couples of the Bible who experienced similar and very relatable highs and lows of marriage that present day marriages encounter. These biblical marriages will deepen your relationship in areas of trust, intimacy, communication and trust as you learn to build a better relationship with your spouse as you build a better relationship with God.





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"Husbands, Wives, God: Introducing the Marriages of the Bible to Your Marriage"



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 Husbands, Wives, God is a unique Christian marriage book (with accompanying Small Group Study Guide) that introduces modern husbands and wives to seven relatable marriages from the Bible.
Regardless of where you are in your marriage. Whether engaged or married 30 years. Whether things are great or you are not currently on speaking terms - I have some couples for you to meet...
Meet Abraham & Sarah who experience their share of temptations, and hardships yet by exercising three principles, they endure every trial - together.
Meet Jacob & Leah. He was tricked into marrying her and he hated her. But after years of trying everything "in her power" to win her husband's heart she turns to God to reach a place of peace in her marriage. The author's favorite marriage...



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Kyle and Julie Burton

6 months married 

My wife and I did not anticipate needing much help. Edward was integral in identifying tenants of a healthy and God-fearing marriage, all while addressing our relationship-specific needs. We not only benefited from sessions emphasizing tools necessary to listen, understand & communicate effectively but we could resort to his biblically focused text outside of sessions. His book 'Husbands, Wives, God - Weekly Devotions' provided guidance on our day-to-day walk as partners through all of life’s obstacles.

Ben and Shardae Thomas

3 years married

Through Edward's coaching, we were able to have the tough conversations that allowed us to establish a strong foundation- financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically which is allowing our marriage to continuously grow! The marriage goals, Financial 10 Commandments, and mission statement put in place during the counselling is a fantastic tool we use to keep us pushing forward. We recommend any couple that is engaged, married or even thinking of marriage to seek Edward's outstanding services! 

Jonathan and Katrina Coleman

7 years married 

Pastor Edward Lee has the heart of a true servant. He has continued to counsel us through The Word and always pointed us back to God. He has never made us feel like we were being judged and keeps his door open to us. He has become a true friend, who we hold dear to our hearts, and appreciate his wise counsel!

I appreciated working with all of you and it is amazing what God has done in and through your Marriages over the years. -Edward.

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