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Build a better marriage with each other, through a better relationship with Christ.  

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Elevate Your Marriage Books get you talking, connecting and growing in Christ - together. Click book images to learn more.

Engaged or Married - Take a Course

Take a course and [re]connect with Christ in 2024.

Elevate Your Marriage: From the Start Engaged couples will get opportunity to start their marriage on a solid, organized, thought out foundation in Christ. This course is a comprehensive Christ Centered pre-marital course that develops structure and stability: From the Start.

The Elevate Marriage. Married Couples. Things have shifted since the day you said "I Do". Some shifts are good and needed, some leave a mark. In this course your marriage will have opportunity to grow closer to Christ as a couple as the only effective way to grow closer to each other, Rediscover the power of your wedding vows.  

2 Different Classes. Same Solution. Deeper Relationship with Christ, 

  • Identify Key Communication Challenges
  •  Develop Spiritual Intimacy
  • Financial Structure
  • How to Resolve Disagreements & Arguments
  • Develop a Marriage Plan (Business Plan for your marriage). Christ Centered Goals, Christ Centered Vision & Mission Statement, Financial 10 Commandments...
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Elevate Your Marriage Radio

Elevate Your Marriage Radio, 2pm every Saturday, on 106.1 FM Baltimore or Sharing Christ centered principles, great interviews and special guests - live on the radio. Show is also available on Youtube, Apple Podcast 

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Suggest a show topic or question. Have a question answered on air. 

Help grow the Elevate Your Marriage message. 

My Story: From 5 years of angry breakups to 20 years of marriage

From instability to stability the husbands & wives of the Bible transform marriage's and help us understand: (1) God has been leading couples in & out of communication, intimacy, money and trust issues since the beginning of time. (2) Your marriage story is in the Bible.

Key Teaching Point: Develop Your Own Financial 10 Commandments

Save Years of Money Fights. Communicate Effectively About Money.

Does your relationship struggle to pray consistently?

You're not alone. Few Christian couple's consistently pray together. 

Seems like most Christian couples know they should pray together. However, many studies show, only a few couples do actually pray together.

Download this free Prayer Menu begin connecting your marriage to Christ through prayer. 

Elevate Your Marriage Prayer Menu

There is more than 1 way to pray. Create a Prayer Menu & start connect your marriage with Christ through prayer.

Elevate Marriage at Your Church or Group

in 2006 I was asked to counsel a couple in the church I was serving in at the time. That experience with that 1st couple led to a multi year study of all 60 married couples in the Bible. For now the last 17 years I have been blessed to share marriage principles in practical relatable ways with countless couples throughout the U.S., and on one special occasion in Ghana, Africa.

This Christ centered approach makes Elevate Your Marriage powerfully different than an opinion or experience based only approach. 

  • Custom topics and message to your specific group
  • Books: for Group Study or Individual Couples in your church
  • Bible Studies Train your leaders to teach couples in your church how to develop: Christ Centered: Goals, Vision and Mission Statements

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