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 Hi, I'm Edward Lee

A writer & Christian Marriage Coach dedicated to connecting couples with the power of Christ in areas that matter: Communication. Trust. Intimacy. Money Matters.

Build a better relationship with each other through a better marriage relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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Do you and your spouse struggle to pray together - consistently?

You are not alone, more than 80% of Christian Couples struggle to pray together consistently. Download the FREE Elevate Your Marriage Prayer Menu to start connecting your marriage to Christ!

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Books that Elevate.

From Hope< to >Hope in Christ

Don't live Angrily Ever After...

READ chapter 1 of AEA. Discover then develop a "Timeline of Hope" for your marriage. From good to struggling - Christ is the answer. 

7 Practices to Increase Spiritual Intimacy

Download this chapter to "Connect the Dots" of your marriage by creating relationship changing, Christ Centered: Goals, Vision & Mission Statements. Powerful tools that will bless your marriage - right away. 

Husbands, Wives, God is Edward's first book, written in 2010. Explore 7 marriage's from the Bible that will impact your marriage - today. Included study guide popular with church and marriage groups.

Husbands, Wives God: Weekly Devotions, a 52 week couples devotional written in 2011. Each week, meet a couple from the Bible. Great for improving communication and deepening marital connections. 

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“You poured a lot into us...any success we have had in our marriage we always go back to your role in giving us a good start"


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