My Mission

Together Building a Better Relationship with Christ










My Vision

Every Marriage is a Different Story.
The Bible has the Specific Plan for Yours


We are the ones that become surprised of where our marriage journey takes us, yet God knows the plan.

Through Christ Centered marriage resources I want to point your marriage to a hope and strength that is greater than you.

There is a place where communication is effective, trust is regained, financial stability is sustained and happiness is found.

Let us join together on this wonderful journey of life.

My journey

Why I Do what I Do

How My Journey Started

In 2006 I was asked to counsel a couple much older than me. They were married in the same year that I was in 6th Grade, their kids were older than me. They had lost everything in the financial crises of 2006, like many couples, and their marriage was facing similar challenges to Job and his wife. As I shared the story of Job's marriage with them, I witnessed their hope restored as if they gained a friend that really understood them. Since this time, I have shared the principles from the marriages written in The Bible with countless couples. From this experience, I realized the best approach to Christian Marriage Coaching was less about hearing from an “expert” and more about deepening their spiritual connection to God. This is my life's work, to point your marriage to a deeper relationship with Christ.


Why a Christ Centered Approach?

I have officiated at over one hundred weddings and counselled thousands more. I never heard anyone say, “one day I will despise you”, but for many marriages that is where they ended up, years later. In short, no one sees the end of their marriage; when they are getting married. This realization forced me to examine when and where the shift from, “I do” to “I don’t”, happened. This led me to a further reliance on Biblical Principles, to develop a more unique Christ Centered Approach to marriage.


Sixty Marriages That Make a Difference

There are more than sixty accounts of marriages in The Bible. The stories of those marriage relationships cover everything that your marriage faces today. There is simply no greater wisdom available for your marriage than the wisdom of God. Culturally, there are major differences between the marriages of old and those of today. Yet what remains true is that God has been leading couples into and through marriage challenges since the beginning of time.



Finding Your Story

It was unforgettable for me, the day I was asked to visit two different households in one day, where sadly both the husbands were dying of Cancer. On seeing the first man he was crying bitterly, knowing the terrible financial mess, he knew he was leaving behind. On entering the second household I saw the couple sitting together looking through photo albums, reliving all the wonderful moments they had enjoyed throughout their marriage. The powerful contrast of one marriage shaped in bitterness and another one shaped in joy led to an understanding in me of the power of letting God write the story of your marriage.


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el-e-vate: to raise of lift (something) to a higher position

Elevate Your Marriage: Where the challenges of life and marriage are pointed to the hope and help of Christ.

We are Edward and Kimber, the Lee’s. We have been married for 17 years, and Lord knows it isn’t always easy. Through Elevate Your Marriage we share God’s Word and point couples to the truth of God’s Word that has saved & strengthened our own marriage.

Since 2006 our passion has been to relate the more than 60 marriage stories of the Bible with couples today. Through books, church conferences and blogging we pray to help couples see that from communication to intimacy to financial challenges and everything in between, your marriage is in the Bible.


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