Elevate Your Marriage! From the Start!

Elevate Your Marriage: From the Start is a 9 Session PreMarital Course that will help give you the marriage you want - From the Start

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“Pastor Lee married us in 2017! Through his counseling, we were able to have the tough conversations that allowed us to establish a strong foundation- financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. By continuing to implement the same principals and exercises we learned in counseling, our marriage is able to continuously grow! The marriage goals, Financial Commandments, and mission statement put in place during the counseling is a fantastic tool we use to keep us pushing forward. We highly recommend any couple that is engaged, married or even thinking of marriage to seek the outstanding services of Pastor Edward Lee!” 

The Thomases

In the Elevate Your Marriage - From the Start Pre-Marital Course you will...

  • Learn to speak directly & listen to each other in ways that lead to open communication
  • Learn God’s point & purpose for bringing you together
  • Create “Christ Centered” Goals
  • Create “Christ Centered” Vision & Mission Statements
  • Identify your own Financial 10 Commandments
  • Develop a household chore list. Like: Who’s cooking? Who’s taking care of the yard work?
  • Create a Prayer Menu - 10 Ways to Connect to God as a Couple
  • So much more!

Start Today!

Go at your own pace. Each session has a short video and digital downloads that will help you to see your relationship deepen & grow with each session. 


Take the Course

At one point during the premarital counseling, our relationship suffered a significant challenge, and we benefited from Edward’s wisdom and guidance  when we were most vulnerable. We are highly favored to have Edward placed in our lives, and we are forever grateful for his continuing mentorship and friendship.

The Burton’s