Congratulations on your engagement!

There will be so many details to cover before you get married! Perhaps none greater than starting your marriage on a firm foundation. 


I am Edward Lee,

Content Creator & Founder of Elevate Your Marriage. For the last 16 years I have helped hundreds of couples develop a Christ Centered Marriage.

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In this new video series, Elevate Your Marriage: From the Start
I take those 16 years of coaching and help point your marriage toward a deeper relationship with Christ in key areas such as:

and many more... 

Here is what you will get:

Session 1: God’s Promise

Session 2: Communication

Session 3: Disagreements & Arguments

Session 4: Creating Christ Centered Goals

Session 5: Creating Christ Centered Vision and Mission Statements

Session 6: How we will Handle Money

Session 7: Intimacy F.U.R.S.T.

Session 8: Likewise, You Husbands and Wives

Session 9: What Your Wedding Vows Mean

Yes, order now and get access to the entire course:

- Access to all 9 Sessions
- PLUS, access to helpful digital downloads with each session

for $200

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The Christ Centered teaching of this course and resources will point you back to Christ as a couple and give your marriage a foundation on which to build your Christian marriage on - for years to come.

Here are the tangible tools you will receive:

  • Christ Centered Goals

  • Christ Centered Vision & Mission Statements

  • Prayer Menu - 9 Ways to Pray as a Couple

  • Financial 10 Commandments

  • Budget: Where your money goes

  • Financial Management Plan: Who’s Doing What & How to Communicate about Money

  • Household Chore List: Finding clarity around things like, who’s Cooking, Cleaning, Fixing Cars & Taking Kids to School…

Just in case you are like me and skip right down to the bottom line - LOL, let me say it again. 

Order now the 9 Session Elevate Your Marriage: From the Start Course and more than 20 digital downloads that will give shape to your marriage, from the start and for years to come for just $200.  

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Mya & Josiah Newlyweds
As soon as Josiah asked me to marry him I knew that I wanted Pastor Lee to help us navigate this new journey into marriage. The information provided during premarital counseling has helped us to trust God and each other while preparing to become husband and wife. Pastor lee was assuring, calm and relatable during our counseling sessions. I am so thankful that Pastor Lee continues to walk beside us now as newlyweds.
Kyle & Julie 2 Years
As a young couple who had already lived together, felt an instant and persevering connection, and had both sets of parents demonstrating aspirational marriages, my wife and I did not anticipate needing much help. Pastor Lee was integral in identifying tenants of a healthy and God-fearing marriage, all while addressing our relationship-specific needs. We not only benefitted from sessions emphasizing tools necessary to listen, understand, and communicate effectively, but we could resort to his biblically focused text outside of sessions. Husbands, Wives, God – Weekly Devotions provided guidance on our day-to-day walk as partners through all of life’s obstacles.
Ben & Shardae 5 years
Pastor Lee married us in 2017! Through his counseling, we were able to have the tough conversations that allowed us to establish a strong foundation- financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. By continuing to implement the same principals and exercises we learned in counseling, our marriage is able to continuously grow! The marriage goals, Financial Commandments, and mission statement put in place during the counseling is a fantastic tool we use to keep us pushing forward. We highly recommend any couple that is engaged, married or even thinking of marriage to seek the outstanding services of Pastor Edward Lee!