Falling In Love with My 3rd Wife

christ centered marriage christian couples Oct 02, 2022

Falling in Love With My Third  Wife

 I married my first wife in 2003. Our five years of dating were terrible. We fought all the time, over every thing. We were told to never marry. But, we felt God was on our side so we got married anyway. And those first five years of marriage, pretty much were regrettable but certainly not forgettable. 

 My second wife and I married in 2008. Things were great we had just had a child and it seemed like that newborn was the glue holding us together. Unlike my first marriage, in this marriage we were connected, we learned to laugh together and fight together to raise this child of ours, together. Things were not perfect but we seemed to manage the stress differently. The fire and emotion that we could’ve used to argue was swallowed up in diaper changes and intermittent sleep. Plus there were little ears and piercing wondering eyes always affixed on us, so we forgave more, pitched in frequently and got along better. 

 And now I am married to my third wife. Much different from my first wife and a little more mature than my second wife, my third wife has stole my heart, again. She is curvier than my first wife, but honey got that fire in her soul and love in her heart that makes a man satisfied. She has maturity in her expressions of love that my other wives showed glimpses of but just could not let come out. In every facet of the day, she loves differently, completely, totally, she loves me. 

I have realized that within my one marriage, I have had three wives. I am so glad I did not walk away from my first wife with all of her arguments and confusing ways. I am thankful that I did not leave my second wife with her fretting about things that were out of our control. And, I am thankful we have come to this point where we have found harmony and importance in our relationship that makes it all worth it. I praise the Lord that He brought us through those early years and allowed us to get to this place where we could fall in love like this. It took so many years of prayer and waiting and arguing and fighting each other and with each other. But, God did it and I thank Him for bringing us to a place where I could fall in love with the wife that He gave me.

 May God grant your marriage peace and harmony to endure current challenges with a confident knowing that God will bring you to a place of balance in Him and in His time. 

 Edward Lee is a Christian Marriage author seeking to help couples lift the stress of life and marriage off of their shoulders and in to the hands of the Lord. Become a monthly subscriber and get Christ Centered content for your marriage:elevateyourmarriage.com

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