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I Want a Divorce

I want a divorce. I want a divorce. I want a divorce. We fight all the time. She doesn’t do this she is not enough of that. I want a divorce.

 I don’t have this. I don’t have that. I want a divorce. 

 Lord, I want. Lord I want. Lord I want a divorce. She’s too much this. She is too much that. Lord I want a divorce. 

 I pray to you to make it right. I want a divorce. I wait on you but it still isn’t right. I want a divorce. You gave her to me but she is not right. I.I.I want a divorce. 

 I am sure you want me to be happy. I


She isn’t happy either you know. She fusses. She refuses. She is stubborn. She too wants a divorce. 


We don’t get along. We don’t like each other. We don’t see a way. We argue. We are not happy. We want a divorce. 

 I. She. We. 

You brought us together. You were at that altar. You joined us together. You knew it all. You. 

I. ...

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