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I Want a Divorce

christian couples christian marriage divorce marriage poem Mar 24, 2022

I want a divorce. I want a divorce. I want a divorce. We fight all the time. She doesn’t do this she is not enough of that. I want a divorce.

 I don’t have this. I don’t have that. I want a divorce. 

 Lord, I want. Lord I want. Lord I want a divorce. She’s too much this. She is too much that. Lord I want a divorce. 

 I pray to you to make it right. I want a divorce. I wait on you but it still isn’t right. I want a divorce. You gave her to me but she is not right. I.I.I want a divorce. 

 I am sure you want me to be happy. I


She isn’t happy either you know. She fusses. She refuses. She is stubborn. She too wants a divorce. 


We don’t get along. We don’t like each other. We don’t see a way. We argue. We are not happy. We want a divorce. 

 I. She. We. 

You brought us together. You were at that altar. You joined us together. You knew it all. You. 

I. She. We. You. It started with I. I transferred it to she. My I became we. I didn’t trust You. 

You gave her to me. You help me love she. You helped me trust she. You help me lead she. Let our we become three. Lord it all starts with you. 

You taught us to love. We learned to trust. We committed to you. You brought us through what we were not without you. You are the glue. Your love is true. 

She prays now to you. She talks now to me. She now has my back. She loves me with love. She’s that friend that I need. She

It all started with I. It was all about I. And my I saw she. My I and She became We. Until, we learned to give it to You. Thank you for getting me to see me so I could love she and together we could give all to You. 


She. She. She. 

We. We. We. 



Note: A poem or prayer you can decide. But I pray for your marriage that God will abide...


Author: Edward Lee is an accomplished Christian author, marriage educator and coach. His books and courses have been a resource for Christian couples and churches for over a decade.Click here to learn more about Edward and Elevate Your Marriage 


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