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Falling In Love with My 3rd Wife

Falling in Love With My Third  Wife

 I married my first wife in 2003. Our five years of dating were terrible. We fought all the time, over every thing. We were told to never marry. But, we felt God was on our side so we got married anyway. And those first five years of marriage, pretty much were regrettable but certainly not forgettable. 

 My second wife and I married in 2008. Things were great we had just had a child and it seemed like that newborn was the glue holding us together. Unlike my first marriage, in this marriage we were connected, we learned to laugh together and fight together to raise this child of ours, together. Things were not perfect but we seemed to manage the stress differently. The fire and emotion that we could’ve used to argue was swallowed up in diaper changes and intermittent sleep. Plus there were little ears and piercing wondering eyes always affixed on us, so we forgave more, pitched in frequently and got along better. 


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Elevate Your Money & Marriage


How to Handle Money in your Christian Marriage

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You just got engaged (or newlywed or been married 40 years). 

There are so many things to be done between now and the day that you and your now husband or wife to be will exchange vows and say, “I Do”. 


In all that needs to be done, there are a few conversations that need to be had. Here is a conversation you really need to have before getting married: How are we going to handle money?


I am always surprised when engaged couple’s tell me they have set a wedding date but haven’t talked about how their money will be handled. [It’s ok - it’s never too late]


Here’s the thing: I’m not a fan of dictating one set way to approach money and marriage. Because, there is no one way to handle money matters in marriage. Instead, I encourage couples to find what works best for them. I often say,...

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Develop a Christ Centered Mindset in Your Marriage

But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth. Colossians 3:8

 The first time I came to know of the police being called, a bottle had been thrown, there was a hole in the wall, and he needed a few stitches. That was the first time. There were many more times, surely some that I don’t even know about. Their marriage was probably the most difficult I’ve ever worked with. He struggled with alcoholism, and she struggled with anger. They fed off of each other. It was like their every interaction led to more escalated reactions. She felt that the more reasons he gave her to be angry, the more her anger flashed. He felt the more she raged, the more he drank, which fueled more anger, which led to more drinking. Neither was willing to get help for his or her personal struggles. So I agreed to continue to meet with them for what turned out to be more than two years. At a certain point, however, actually pretty early...

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